About Us

Who we are

Search Actions is definitely NOT your typical SEO Company. Sure- there’s lots of SEO companies that all seem to promise the same thing, but how do you know which one is the RIGHT one for YOU? With so many marketing companies claiming to be different and better than all the rest, how do you make the right decision so you don’t waste thousands of dollars and find yourself no better ranked a few months from now? The answer is simple- get all the facts and go with the company that is proven to deliver what they promise.

Our team rocks. We all bring different assets to Search Actions and work closely with each other to deliver a great service to our customers. Our team is comprised of internet marketing specialist as well as social media experts, content writers, graphic artists, web developers, photographers and film producers all led by an excellent management team with years of experience in leadership and customer service.

Our basecamp is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania- the county seat of Chester County. We always welcome our local clients to stop in to visit us- it’s how we have built so many of our solid business relationships.

Meet our leadership team here!

What we are NOT

We are NOT a stuffy corporation

That treats our customers like a number. Our customers are equally important to us no matter how big or small and we take pride in building lasting relationships with each and every one of them. We get to know our customers on a first name basis and we treat our customers like a member of our family.

We are NOT a cookie-cutter marketing company

That only offers one or two services. We offer lots of things that most inbound marketing companies do not. To get the best results, you need to use several different avenues. SEO is not black and white, therefore we are constantly trying to things and coming up with creative ways to improve results.

We are NOT an advertising agency

We do not market you like a typical advertising agency would, we use several methods to drive traffic to your website and get you noticed online.

We are NOT miserably unhappy with our jobs

You won’t find any grumpy-pants working here! Expect to be greeted with a smile that you can see if you visit us, or hear if you talk to us over the phone. The world is already full of negativity, why add to that?