Why do you need a Website?

Today, nearly 80% of US consumers are searching online for answers and the days of the big yellow phone books are few and far between. If you have a place of business and you’re not using the internet as a way to be found, than you’re depriving your company of more business.

Having a good looking website is just the beginning. You’ll need a site that is optimized well for the search engines to find you. There’s all kinds of technical things we do on the back end of your site that allows it to be easily found by search engines like Google and Bing so you’re found when someone is searching.

Today, so many people are doing a majority of their searching on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Often times a site is not optimized to work well with mobile devices and the user ends up having a negative experience on that website and ends up leaving. With technology constantly changing, so should the way your website functions.

Why use us?

Site Audit

We start with a full audit of your website to see if your site is optimized well for the search engines and if it’s easily used on mobile devices.

Action Plan

We compile a complete report for you to review along with an ACTION plan to get any issues resolved and get your site optimized well.

Mobile Friendly

All of our sites are user friendly on forms of electronics including mobile phones and tablets.

Well Designed

Al of our websites are carefully planned out and designed to best fit your business and branding.