Web page designed for doctor services.
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With more than 15 years of experience, PatientCalls was already leading the medical answering industry in terms of quality, cost, and HIPAA-compliant security. But it wasn’t being found in the search results for potential new customers and this was inhibiting growth for the company.   

SearchActions was asked to audit the website and identify what was causing the low performance. We discovered the main problem was that the site wasn’t optimized around their main keywords and the site’s rank had fallen drastically after Google’s Medic Update

Boosting Rank for Business-Critical Keywords 

The search engine algorithm update of 2018 had a dramatic effect on the rank of many websites in the health and medical field. To regain its SERP position, SearchActions would need to write updated, high-quality content that responded to user’s search intent, bolster the professional authority of the company, and improve the page speed

The previous website, built in 2010, was outdated and potential customers weren’t finding it for thier most important search terms and keywords. So, for the new website, it was fundamental to start with in-depth keyword research. Building upwards, the team developed copy using SEO best practices which answered the search queries of potential new customers.  

The web design was meant to better reflect PatientCalls professional, yet approachable attitude. Next, by enhancing the information about employee credentials, trusted partnerships within the healthcare industry, business accreditations, we were able to boost the company’s credibility. Then, linking it to reputable social sites and posting content about industry concerns helped it gain back authority. 

Optimization Aimed at Increase the Conversion Rate 

The entirely new website was launched in January 2020. The main goal of the overhaul was to optimized the site in order to increase the conversion rate. SearchAction’s strategy for achieving this included carefully crafted content, UX layout and design, the addition of a blog and new landing pages targeting specific industries and types of customers.  

Now, users are spending more time on the website and using the new features to contact the company, through the website form, click-to-call, and the live chat option. In the first six months since it launched the data shows a huge jump in performance over the same period last year: 

  • Organic traffic is up 138%. 
  • The bounce rate went down 25%. 
  • Session duration increased by more than 200%. 
  • Total website conversions are up 800%! 

Now the Website Is Generating Qualified Leads 

“With the new website, we are now getting really good quality leads. Not only are we being contacted by more potential customers, but almost all of them are ready to sign up during our first call,” said Jordan McGlone, the sales director for PatientCalls Medical Answering Service. The difference now is that customers are able to clearly understand the service offering and see how it resolves their most common challenges. 

“We’re doing great with prospects these days. The turnaround has been really phenomenal,” explained Vince McGlone, the CEO of PatientCalls. 

Good Website Design Helps Employees and Users 

With the old website, visitors on mobile devices were sent to a separate landing page that prevented them from seeing most of the pages and information on the site. And because the content was outdated, the website was not a good resource for PatientCalls’ sales team. They couldn’t really use it to help explain important aspects of their service and onboarding process. 

Redesigning the website resolved these technical issues, but it also created a great tool for employees. The new website now works for thier team as a way to capture leads and answer frequently asked questions

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Web page designed for doctor services.

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