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So many marketing companies claim to be better than all the rest. How can you choose the right one and avoid wasting thousands of dollars only to find your website ranked in the same place a few months from now? The answer is simple: go with the agency that is proven to deliver what it promises. 

Who We Are 

SearchActions is a team of skilled web developers and digital marketing professionals. We collaborate to deliver a seamless range of services. Our team is comprised of internet marketing and SEO specialists, social media and web advertising experts, content writers, and web developers–all coordinated by a project manager and director with years of experience in leadership and customer service. Get to know the SearchActions team. 

Our mission is to help businesses grow by connecting them with more of their most valuable potential customers. 

Where We Operate 

Our clients are all over the country and our team works in four different time zones. The SearchActions basecamp is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where our agency was first founded, way back in 2013. We also have a satellite office in Akron, Ohio. In today’s digital world, however, we believe that geographic borders are always less significant. Check out the SearchActions locations. 

At SearchActions, we always welcome local clients — that’s how we developed so many of our solid business relationships — yet we also work with medium-sized companies all over the country. Some current clients work close to home, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Deleware, and others operate as far away as Texas and Florida. See some of the projects carried out for our clients. 

What We Do 

Leveraging the latest technology and best practices, SearchActions partners both with small companies servicing a specific geographical area, as well as national companies that deliver products and services around the country. Our team has helped grow different types of companies—from local brick-and-mortar service providers, to B2B, to nation-wide e-commerce businesses. And we work in a wide range of industries—ranging from healthcare, to auto body, to corporate IT and cybersecurity.  

We help build your business by generating internet leads. Our tools of the trade capture and track leads with the goal of turning them into paying customers. As inbound marketing specialists, our services include SEO, web development and hosting, PPC management, and content marketing. Learn more about our services. 

What We Are NOT 

SearchActions sets itself apart from the competition. 

We are NOT a stuffy corporation. 

Our customers are never treated like a number. Big or small, they are equally important to us. We take pride in building lasting relationships with every one of them and getting to know our customers on a first name basis. 

We are NOT a cookie-cutter web marketing company. 

To get the best results, you need flexible, scalable solutions and the ability to take advantage of multiple web marketing channels. Marketing efforts must be tailored to customers’ goals, adjusted to fit changing needs over time, and constantly improved upon using real data. In fact, the SearchActions team is constantly experimenting and coming up with creative ways to meet customers’ goals. 

We are NOT an advertising agency. 

We do not market your company like a typical advertising agency would. Instead, we use the latest web marketing methods to attract the attention of targeted users online, drive traffic to your website, and turn your website visitors into new, loyal customers. 

We are NOT miserably unhappy with our jobs. 

You won’t find any grumpy cubical dwellers working here! We love finding effective marketing solutions for our clients. Expect to be greeted warmly in person and over the phone. Try it; our contact information is below. 

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