Have questions? We’ve got answers. 

What kind of clients do you work with? 

All kinds of clients. We have experience working with local service providers (like florists and car glass repair), B2B companies (like video production, background checking, and IT management and corporate auditing firms) and national e-commerce platforms (for customized clothing and consumer goods). Big or small, local or national—our work is tailored to fit your company’s structure and goals. 

Do you work with other agencies? 

We often help out other agencies with projects that are more specialized than they are used to managing. If your company provides digital marketing services and has a client requesting solutions that you’re not equipped to handle, please reach out to our team. 

Why should I choose SearchActions? 

Our company provides web development and internet marketing services that aren’t just seamless, but inform each other to deliver results and continual improvement. Tracking data and utilizing it to optimize the website, content, and marketing efforts is an ongoing process which we perform for each of our long-term clients.    

Why don’t your services focus more on social media? 

You’ve probably heard a lot about social media activity and seen a lot of it lately. The problem is that this channel is increasingly flooded with competitors investing larger and larger sums to get their ads in front of users’ eyes. This makes it difficult for other companies to see any results unless they have huge marketing budgets. Plus, paid social campaigns may attract engagement, but aren’t always the right channel for companies to reach new customers.  

We prefer to use social media engagement to inform and target valuable potential customers. Relying instead on organic search engine optimization and skilled web engineering, we aim to make our customers’ websites gain visibility without wasting large sums of money for paid social activity. 

What is your process for designing a new website? 

We start with a full audit of your current website to see if it is optimized well for the search engines and if it functions well on mobile devices. Then, we compile a complete report for you to review along with an action plan to get it up to speed. From there, we carefully plan out and design the new or modified website to best fit your business and branding. 

What makes SearchActions SEO services stand out? 

Our team always follows industry best practices and the requirements set out by Google. We stay up to date on search engine ranking priorities and algorithm changes so that our customers’ websites are always performing well. We also provide our clients with regular data reports so that they can clearly see the results of their marketing investment.  

Why do you recommend investing in ongoing content marketing? 

Smart planning and use of great content keep customers engaged. It also highlights your company as an expert in its field. These internet users will start turning to you for advice. And this is the moment when internet searches convert into leads, and users become loyal customers. 

Still have questions? Contact SearchActions; we’d be happy to discuss your concerns.  

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