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Learn to Create Professional-Quality Video with Your Smartphone

In-House video production is a buzzword to some, typically associated with massive up-front costs, a significant investment of time and a lengthy turnaround. But video expert, Dan Bennett, is redefining the term and breaking down barriers, bridging the gap between price and quality. With a little planning, anyone can create top-quality video without professional equipment or spending thousands of dollars.

Why Should I Care About Video?

You don’t have a choice. Video calls and presentations have become the new professional standard over the last year; a trend that isn’t going to change anytime soon. The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted the future of the modern workforce. Estimates predict between 25 and 30 percent of the workforce will continue working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. With this number projected to continue to rise, virtual meetings, video conferencing and general online presentation are more important now than ever before.

Let’s face it, making great video isn’t really a choice anymore, it’s now a professional standard. Video calls and conferences used to be an infrequent annoyance to most, but as we work to transition to a post-pandemic world, black screens, blurry video and poor voice quality are no longer going to fly as excuses for unproductive meetings.

But it’s more than that; learning how to renavigate this new professional landscape means also critically reevaluating how we present ourselves in the digital world. Looking and sounding great online is more than establishing professional credibility; it’s a representation of who you are and how you want people to perceive you.

Why Is Video the Best Medium?

Video is the most powerful and effective way to reach people outside of paid advertising. Unlike a live call or a formal presentation, video gives users the ability to consume your content on their terms. This means you might end up talking to someone sitting at home in their pajamas, but this can actually be very effective. Reaching your audience where and when they are most comfortable means they will be more receptive to your message.

Unlike seeing photos or reading written words, video gives your audience a true sense of who you are; before they even meet you.  How your voice sounds, the specific way you intonate sentences and the cadence of your voice are all factors which help build credibility and are far too often overlooked.

But beginning to establish your businesses’ authenticity is just the first step.  All of the things your audience learns about you from your video content helps to form a first impression of your business before you even meet. This fundamentally changes the course of the first interaction you have with a potential client; the dynamic shifts from them getting to know you to them affirming the things they already know about you.

When a potential client’s initial impressions line up during that first conversation, they are driven to do businesses with you, not only because you offer a great service, but also because you are exactly who you say you are.

Dan creates video content with one purpose in mind, “If I can get [your videos] to 80 percent of what it’s like to meet you, then it’s a grand slam.”

No Replacement for the Human Element

It’s easy to hide behind the service page of a website, or a long thread of emails, but there is simply no substitute for connecting with a person face to face.  Video gives us the power to do that, regardless of where we are.

Making video calls a standard for your internal and external interactions is one of the simplest ways to instantly increase your authenticity. Interactions will go smoother, there are less miscommunications and ultimately, video calls will help you close sales.

Where Can I Get Help with Video Production?

Boasting more than two decades of experience in video production, editing, motion graphics, sound design, graphic design and digital content development, Dan is a digital media freelancer and founder of 1 Minute Media — a company empowering individuals and businesses to tell their stories with great video.

Working to make professional-quality video production attainable to all, Dan works with clients to get them comfortable producing their own video content with minimal or no outsourcing.

“I don’t want to turn anyone into a videographer. Everything that’s already out there that’s really good quality is made for videographers — aimed at creators making content for others. The vehicle of video is proven to take great stories places. I don’t think of myself as a story developer, but I encourage clients to see the importance of good storytelling in the work they are currently doing.”

– Dan Bennett, video expert and founder of 1 Minute Media

Get to know Dan and check out some of his free resources on his website, or listen to an episode of his podcast, #Antipreneur.

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