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This company which specializes in car glass repair and replacement came on board with SearchActions in March of 2016. The company has been family operated for three generations and is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Over the years, the company has created a strong name for itself in the local area and approached SearchActions for help improving its online presence. 

For Anthony Volk Glass, SearchActions manages the website, online reputation, SEO, PPC ads, blog content and other web marketing efforts. 

The Conversion Rate is 3 – 5 Times Higher Than the Industry Average. 

One of the tools that SearchActions implemented to increase the number of new customers coming to Anthony Volk Glass was PPC. Pay-per-click is online advertising that charges for each user who clicks on a link and is directed to a website. In two years, the digital marketing team has pushed the conversion rate for their ads up to 14-19%. This is significant, considering that the industry average is 3.75%. 

Business Has Grown through Referrals and Online Reputation Management. 

Referral websites like Yelp have also been fundamental in boosting business for this company. The conversion rate on these sites hovers around 10%. Because windshield repair is a time-sensitive service, SearchActions has helped Anthony Volk’s staff turn more leads into actual customers by ensuring quick responses to referral site contacts.  

Similarly, online reputation management has dramatically changed the influx of new clients. Originally, SearchActions worked to curate the company’s web presence and personally contacted customers to encourage them to leave a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. Now, this activity sustains itself. Anthony Volk Glass receives so much more business these days, and because they do such high-quality work, customers happily post positive reviews without prompting. Now, the SearchActions team simply monitors and responds to the feedback that continuously rolls in. 

Higher Website Traffic is Just the Beginning. 

SearchActions continually works to optimize the company’s website and keep their blog active. By regularly publishing helpful ‘How To’ instructions, car care tips and answering customers’ FAQs, our content team has really moved the needle in terms of attracting visitors from organic search results.  

With these factors – website optimization and high-quality content – working symbiotically, last year 84% of web traffic came from organic search.  

Since we started working together, traffic to the Anthony Volk Glass website has increased from 300 monthly visitors to 7,500. Traffic has gone up for both local visitors and users from all over the world. It’s true, this jump in traffic from users outside the company’s service area doesn’t directly help the business reach its objectives. Indirectly, however, higher traffic helps raise the website’s search rank and keyword authority. This means that Anthony Volk’s website is seen by more and more users searching for the services that they provide

SearchActions leverages other tools to clearly inform users of the company’s service range ensure that the website is performing well within their geographic area. We have successfully brought the local conversion rate to 60% and continue to work to improve it. 

The Company Needs to Hire to Keep Up with Demand. 

Increasing web traffic is cool – especially according to our expert web developers – but increasing actual business is our true goal. The SEO, PPC, content, and other web marketing efforts have impacted his business significantly. In fact, Anthony requested that we remove the “Request a Quote” button on the website because demand was just too high. Now the company is considering hiring more staff to keep up with the continual influx of new business.  

Find Out What the Possibilities Are for Your Company. 

Anthony Volk Glass is a solid example of how multiple web marketing channels and tools can be used together in a powerful way. A local, family-owned business which provides a service requiring technicians to work on site can benefit in a concrete way from internet activities. By combining website optimization, regular blog content of high quality, PPC campaigns and online reputation management, this brick-and-mortar company has grown and expanded.  

Find out what search optimization and web marketing can do for your business. Contact SearchActions.  

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