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Great Valley Lockshop has been a SearchActions’ client since November of 2013. The local company has been providing locksmith services mainly within an 80-mile radius of Malvern, Pennsylvania – including parts of New Jersey and Maryland – for more than 30 years. Now, with the help of the digital marketing team at SearchActions, their business is growing quickly. 

Website Traffic Is Up Nearly 9,000% 

Before contacting SearchActions, GV Lockshop’s marketing strategy was fairly basic. They paid high rates for Yellow Pages listings, but were seeing very little ROI. In 2013, traffic on their website was averaging only 300 visits per month.  

The first thing that SearchActions did to turn this around was to make a new website for the company which was optimized for search engines and users. Next, our content writers started producing quality web content for this client. Posting regular content – in the form or five keyword-focused blogs per month – has delivered major results. Traffic has grown steadily over the past four years, up to 27,000 visits per month; that’s an increase of nearly 9,000% and it continues to rise. 

Web Content Has Increased Actual Business 

SearchActions’ efforts have impacted their business greatly. In fact, GV Lockshop is so busy lately, that it’s started sending smaller jobs to competitors. The company has been able to strategically refocus on larger jobs with better profit margins, such as commercial locksmith services.  

Over time, content updates have kept the GV Lockshop website active and have successfully helped it build authority for target keywords. Today, the site ranks nationally for some search terms that are at the heart of their locksmith business. This means that the website is now attracting visitors that fall outside of their traditional service area. These visitors are turning into valuable clients as the company grows and is able to take on major jobs farther away. 

Continual Improvement in Web Marketing Results 

The web marketing experts at SearchActions are always looking for ways to improve. We want our clients to rank locally and regionally for key search terms, but we also want them to see the results.  

Because SearchActions’ ultimate goal is to increase business for our clients, not just web traffic, we pay close attention to conversion rates. We know that GV Lockshop has experienced a boom in website visitors, but we want to continue to increase qualified leads for them. With this in mind, our web developers just launched a completely new GVLock website with enhanced user experience. We’ll also be shifting more of their marketing budget toward pay-per-click ads and producing less, but higher quality content. 

Your Company Will Grow with SearchActions 

Great Valley Lockshop is a great example for other potential local clients. Many companies think there is not enough to write about for their business. We say, ‘if we can do five blogs a month for a locksmith, we can pretty much do it all!’ It’s no surprise that our most successful clients are the ones that hire SearchActions to publish the most web content.

We can deliver calculable results, yet the path to success is different for each company. SearchActions takes pride in providing tailored web marketing solutions for each client based on their specific business objectives.  

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