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Martell School of Dance had already become well known in Akron, Ohio for its wide range of dance lessons. But as the school changed management and expanded, they felt it was time to redesign the website. This web design project was focused on creating a site that would better serve current staff and dancers, plus welcome prospective clients with clear information and an easy-to-use structure.  

Smart Web Design Is Attracting New Clients. 

Prospective clients have responded positively to the new website. One of the main goals was to simplify key information that the school needed to provide in order to attract more business. The SearchActions team accomplished this using three specific tools: 

  1. A clear call to action (CTA) helps new clients immediately know how to get in touch with the school.  
  1. The straightforward contact form makes it easy for the company to identify qualified leads, weed out spam, and determine how to respond. 
  1. Customized navigation features ensure that everyone can find the information they need. 

Call to Action 

The dance school now receives inquiries daily from families who are searching for dance classes in the Akron area. By adding a brightly colored, button saying “Sign Up Today!”, the new website tells visitors how to ‘get started’ at first glance. Strategic use of CTAs can help a business to convert web visitors into leads, and ultimately into new clients.  

Contact Form 

To successfully compete with other dance studios saturating the area, Martell had to stand out by building client relationships. A well-structured contact form helps them to do that from the get-go by responding to prospect inquiries professionally and in a timely manner. “The contact form has really enhanced our opportunities to connect with new clients,” explains Rachel Huffman, the owner of Martell School of Dance. “This is also crucial due to our non-traditional business hours.” 

Custom Navigation 

SearchActions was able to help the school during a critical growth period. Because it had recently opened a second studio which offered different dance classes, clarity about location and offerings was key. The marketing team worked to differentiate and brand the two studio locations. Then, a custom schedule page was made enabling new and current students to look up specific types of classes and find out where and when they are held. Plus, the website now allows the staff to easily update the course schedules and events calendar.   

“The web developers at SearchActions found the perfect solution for us,” said Rachel. “I’m very happy with the outcome; the personalized schedule and menu bar works for everyone – customers and employees.”  

eCommerce Merchandise Shop

A few months after the new website was launched, the school came back and asked us to add an online shopping page so that dancers and their families could order branded dancewear, apparel, and other merchandise. The custom eCommerce page was designed and added to their website in just a couple of weeks. Once it was up and running, the staff and dancers were thrilled with the results.

“It’s absolutely INCREDIBLE! Our families love this professional and refined apparel page,” said Rachel. “Thank you so much for your work on this project.”

SearchActions Aims to Elevate Your Business.  

At SearchActions, we don’t want to sell you anything. And we don’t have predetermined packages, because digital marketing services should be tailored to each business and its needs. This company needed assistance with branding and a redesign of their website to reflect their growth.  

For SearchActions, client meetings help us set up for a successful marketing project, but they’re often beneficial for business owners as they strategize. Our team sat down with the owner of the school in order to fully understand her goals and challenges. “In reality, the initial meetings opened my mind and helped me think critically about our business plan,” explained Rachel.  

With this information, we were able to develop a website that is not only functional for providing information to prospective clients, but it has also improved internal organization for the staff. In the end, we were able to bring the client’s vision to life and the new website exceeded her expectations.  

“In all things business, find a company that you can trust, one that cares about your activities and takes the time to understand your goals. This details my 100% positive relationship with SearchActions.” –  Rachel Huffman, owner of Martell School of Dance.  

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